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House Buyers

Your home purchase is likely to be your greatest investment and a bad decision at purchase could cost you a great deal. We can help you to find out what restrictions exist that may affect your development proposals and see if any planning conditions imposed on the original development still apply.

You may have draft ideas to extend or alter the property and we can help you with your ideas and give you good advice on whether the Local Council are likely to accept the proposals. Your plans may not require planning permission at all and we can give you sound advice on these factors prior to your purchase.

You may wish to know if the property can be demolished and rebuilt in a larger or different form or need to know how much can be demolished before planning permission is required.

The property may have had planning problems and issues in the past and we can advise on whether these have been finally resolved and will not impact on your investment.

You may want to set up a business from the property and we can advise on the best way to achieve your ambitions. 

Whatever your concern WB Planning can help you to make your purchase run smoothly and in away that maximises the potential of your investment.

Contact us to discuss your project - we'll help you get it right first time!