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The changing political climate, with the introduction of the Localism Bill giving greater power to local Councils and other local interest groups, makes it important to be well prepared when developing your ideas and progressing a project to pre-application stage and beyond. We can offer excellent advice to enable you to prepare thoroughly to enable your project to succeed in an acceptable way with minimal changes and with local support. 

Initial advice can be given on site development potential and whether a scheme is likely to comply with the local planning policies for the area. This could be extended to advice on potential land/site purchase or whether a change of use would be appropriate on a particular building or piece of land.

It is important to know what site constraints exist before proceeding and we can investigate what planning or other restrictions might prevail that would potentially cause development difficulties. 

Approved Local Plans are now being replaced with a suite of Local Development Framework (LDF) documents. You may wish to put your site forward for allocation within the LDF or challenge other sites that are allocated. You may wish to appear and be represented at the formal Examination in Public to promote your site and/or development. WB Planning can advise and help you to maximise your assets.

We have experience and knowledge of working with other Statutory organisations e.g. English Nature, Environment Agency, English Heritage, County and District Councils and this can be a benefit in situations where blockages to a development exist. 

If required your proposals can be defended at Appeal with full written statements ad attendance at Informal Hearings and Public Inquiries. 

Post approval pre-commencement planning conditions can also be processed to ensure that you do not hinder your start on site or, in the worst case invalidate your permission. It is very important to ensure that conditions that must be fulfilled prior to any start on site are properly discharged and dealt with.

If you need or want to make changes either prior to commencement or during construction sound advice can also be given to ensure that the most appropriate process is followed to minimise both time delays and further costs to the project.

The service we offer is based on sound principles of honesty and integrity. We operate in an ethical manner using good interpersonal and communication skills and this helps to build trust with clients and those involved in the process. If appropriate, work can be undertaken as part of a wider development or project team utilising creative solutions to problems. 

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